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Today’s retail and CPG organizations are faced with mounting challenges created by complex consumer and shopper behavior, retail consolidation and developing markets. However—the way we look at it—these challenges are opening the door to new opportunities for profitable and sustainable growth.

Working to add value through strategic programs based on consumer data and insights, we help retail and CPG companies achieve success by focusing on where to build and extend value. From accelerating brand growth and optimizing costs to expanding into emerging markets—our team will partner with yours to build a strategy for success.

Strategy Development

Helping you obtain sustainable performance by developing and optimizing corporate strategy, our consultants work tirelessly to deliver immediate and lasting value to those we serve. Working with retail and CPG companies to define, renew and improve strategies throughout all organizational levels and business units—we develop custom strategies that deliver real results.

Program Management

Complex projects require sophisticated and skilled program management. Designed to address the unique needs and risks for programs—our management consultants develop customized strategies and tactical planning measures to ensure nothing is overlooked. From project planning and resource allocation to financial management and results tracking—we work to mitigate risk, create cross-functional alignment and clearly communicate expectations across your organization.

Event Management

Planning and setting up events for your consumers to sample your products is a key aspect of Event Management. With the use of Social Media channels we can create interest and ensure that the events are well attended. Additionally we also track and report pre and post event analytics that can inform and optimize product, sales and supply chain operations.

Logistics Management

If you are a new product how do you estimate the demand so that you can ramp up production and distribution channels.  BusinessOne has proven methods to help CPG companies more accurately forecast demand and work with your team to optimize sales and distribution channels as well as supply chain. This ensures that you do not miss out on critical opportunities to gain market share and at the same time do not have over supply.

PR and Social Media Planning

PR and Social Media is a key aspect of product strategy for mature products as well as new products.  Social Media can make or break your brand. We have the tools and techniques to mine social media data to gain insights about the customer experience as well as to use Social Media as a marketing and promotional channel.  We design and develop campaigns that are specifically tailored for Social Media so that you not only get intelligence and insights from the data, but also be able to respond and pro-actively take action.


Today’s retail and CPG companies are inundated with enormous amounts of data—especially if they have data arrangements with third parties. Although the amount of information can be overwhelming—when used correctly it can be a completive asset used to target product development, pricing, promotions and marketing efforts. Helping transform your data into actionable insight, our consultants will help you uncover opportunities you didn’t know existed.