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Faced with years of revenue decline, government agencies across the board are feeling pressured to do more with less. At BusinessOne we work to eliminate the silos while finding new and improved ways for departments to work together. Helping business units better collaborate by leveraging combined buying power, common infrastructure and innovative technologies—our team of public sector consultants develop efficient and effective strategies that help level the playing field.

Drawing on decades of experience across both private and public sectors, our goal is to help government agencies reach their full potential while positively impacting the citizens and communities they serve.

Program Management

Complex projects require sophisticated and skilled program management. Designed to address the unique needs and risks for government agency programs—our consultants develop customized strategies and tactical planning measures to ensure nothing is overlooked. From project planning and resource allocation to financial management and results tracking—we work to mitigate risk, create cross-functional alignment and clearly communicate expectations across your agency.

Cyber Security

Once considered an emerging risk—cyber security has grown into a liability that will soon become a $2 trillion-dollar industry. Helping public sector agencies address the fundamental issues of cyber security—we help improve strategies, governance and risk issues unique to your business. Our deep industry expertise along with increased insights will help you make better, more informed cyber security decisions while improving your risk when faced with growing cyber threats.

Communication and Systems Integration

When it comes to leveraging new technologies—businesses need to ensure compatibility with existing systems and platforms. More importantly however you must ensure that your people, processes and technology work together seamlessly. That’s where we come in. Helping clients design, develop and integrate the systems and applications they need to run their business—our experience delivering large-scale, complex programs that integrate with new and innovative technologies is second to none.

Analytics, Big Data & Machine Learning

Helping you clearly develop and define performance measures and operational metrics, our public sector consultants provide insight into critical business functions. Delivering the data you need to make better, more informed decisions—our metrics are developed using a top-down approach that includes detailed analysis for defining metrics, data requirements, targets, frequency and roll-up mechanisms.

Infrastructure & Cloud Services

Success in the cloud begins with a solid infrastructure and strategy. Whether your business is new to the cloud or not—our team can work with you to optimize your IT environment by assessing your cloud readiness, identifying applications and workloads for migration and minimizing transitional risks. From migration of legacy solutions to application virtualization—we’ll help alleviate the stress associated with your IT infrastructure so you can focus on moving your mission forward.