Business Planning Services

The key to successful strategy is defining a work plan that is realistic, and that has support from key stakeholders. Our Business Planning Services are focused on developing a blueprint for successful strategy execution, and most importantly, defining the parameters of success. With a collaborative approach, we work to deliver a detailed plan that is aligned to your strategy, has stakeholder buy-in and is based on realistic goals and objectives.
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Post Merger Integration

Rushing into any integration without understanding consequences can actually destroy value. Our approach looks at integration as a series of parallel initiatives, each with its own value potential. Borrowing the discipline, framework, tools and methodology from our other services, we help clients develop a merger integration plan that incorporates industry best practices. As a neutral third party, we bring objectivity to the mix and can conduct an impartial analysis of the assumptions, assets, strengths and weakness to help more accurately quantify cost and synergies, and expose if the value created as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Our professionals are experienced in finding hidden opportunities to drive additional value in Post Merger Integration.
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Program Management Office

PMO is the vehicle for ensuring that the vision, plan, goals and objectives of a strategic initiative are disseminated, understood and are being acted upon. It serves as the platform for communication, coordination and control across teams and organizations, and in doing so, is a vital part of strategy execution. Our consultants have deep experience in managing large and complex programs, and can assist you to jumpstart your PMO.
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Marketing Services

In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, innovation applies not only to the product, but to the entire value chain. New business launches and product launches require a go-to-market strategy around how the product will be positioned, sold, serviced, and, in the end, used by the customer.

Our consultants can help you with:

  • Go to Market Strategy and Planning
  • Sales, Service and Partner Channel Readiness
  • CRM
  • Business Analytics
  • Predictive Churn Management
  • Customer Life Time Value Analysis
  • Operational Metrics Analysis

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Business Performance Dashboard

Business Performance Dashboards allow executive management to quickly understand business health provided by the key business performance indicators. We utilize a Strategy based approach to business dashboards, and believe they should facilitate meaningful communication of broad strategy statements to people on the front line. In order to be successful, strategy must be everyone’s business. The result? An entire organization working towards a common purpose, with a solid understanding of each person’s role in achieving business success.
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CIO Scorecard

Technology capabilities can make or break business models. From enabling the roll out of new products and services, to gearing up systems infrastructure for CRM, Billing, Business Intelligence and Enterprise Resource Planning, IT plays a huge role not only in creating operational efficiencies, but also in creating competitive advantages in the marketplace. However, IT’s internal clients often complain, automation “Costs too much”, “Takes too long”, “Did not get what I wanted” or “Fails to create marketplace differentiation”. And while there is no doubt that IT can add tremendous value to a business, the question remains, “Does IT deliver value commensurate with the level of investment?” We can help you to find out. Our CIO Scorecard tracks the investment that goes into IT, and measures the benefits delivered.
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