Communications: Telecom and Cable

Convergence is rapidly reshaping the Telecom and Cable industries to the point of being indistinguishable. With the unbridled growth of online portals, Over The Top content, smart phones and smart TVs, the old world, one-on-one relationship with the consumer is nearly obsolete. Internet Protocol has unleashed a wave of innovation that enables content providers to bypass traditional content aggregation and distribution business models. With a plethora of options, consumers today expect a superior user experience.

We can help you to examine how your services, content, applications, personalization and care are delivered, and how to transform your front end and back end infrastructures. We can help you differentiate and continuously innovate to provide exceptional end-user experiences.
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Media and Entertainment

Technology is rapidly changing how content is delivered and consumed, and massive changes are taking place in consumer viewing habits and expectations. Consumers want content on demand – any time, any place and on any device – creating both immense opportunity and big challenges for content providers. Content revenue models need to adapt to keep up and to ensure that advertisers, pay-tv distributors and consumers are kept happy. Meanwhile the mechanisms to collect and analyze customer usage, behavior and preferences, built for traditional TV are becoming obsolete fast.

We can help you to engage your consumer, as well as to understand model and segment consumption patterns to maximize content monetization. Our in-depth knowledge and experience on legacy and IP-TV delivery models can help you with content protection, monetization, interactive and social media strategy, and over the top strategy.
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Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods

Launching a new brand in an already crowded marketplace is no small feat. It requires significant investment, sound strategy and flawless execution. While there is a lot of data available to understand demographics, segmentation, buying patterns, and the competition, analyzing and vetting this data requires substantial expertise. Combining the industry data with ground level intelligence provides a unique view to validate and vet market entry strategies.

We can help you to develop a market entry strategy or extend an existing brand. Fine tuning product, placement, promotions and price are all key aspects of our service. We can help you plan and execute your go-to market strategy, which touches every aspect of business operations. Our client list includes some of the largest brands in the retail and CPG industry.
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Public Sector

Faced with year over year declines in revenue, governments at all levels are feeling pressure to do more with less. Government agencies are getting smarter and better at finding synergies across departments. Where agency and departments were once operating in silos, they now are increasingly collaborating and leveraging combined buying power, common infrastructure and off-the-shelf products.

We have leveraged expertise and understand best practices to solve business problems for Governmental entities.
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