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By Chelsea Fine

"This e-book enraptured me. unique. Breath-taking. the entire correct ways."
-UtopYA Reviews

"Talk approximately one loopy, complex love triangle! Chelsea effective certain is aware the way to pull heartstrings. on the finish I yelled, 'Shut up! Ahhhhh! I heavily desire the following ebook. correct. NOW'."
-Goodreads Reviewer

"The love triangle during this e-book is the simplest form of the place all people believes and everybody loves and everybody suffers! the top left me wide-eyed, open-mouthed and longing desperately for the following book!"
-The ebook Hookup

Three curses. brothers. One love triangle.
Sometimes love is intended to be. yet is the loss of life of you.

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"Anew used to be so freaking solid! The suspense, the eagerness, the chemistry, the affection triangle, the wonderful writing, the easiest characters ever, the realization, (*deep breath*) OMG the used to be all WOW holy cow awesomeness. Anew used to be a very unique paranormal romance."
-Reading, consuming, Dreaming Reviews

"Amazing, attractive booklet! I beloved the belief of the plot - it truly is clean and exact, I enjoyed the characters, the pacing of the tale was once ideal and the finishing promising! nice sort of writing and great humor! simply ideal! A must-read!!!"
-Goodreads Reviewer

Fans of The Vampire Diaries and Once Upon A Time will fall head over heels for the determined characters and unending mysteries in Anew!

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His accidental nearness to Scarlet tonight at the festival had eased his torment, but filled him with a longing he couldn’t indulge. He needed to stay away. Far away. Tristan drove into the thick woods outside Avalon and made his way to the large cabin he shared with his brother. After seeing Gabriel talking to Scarlet tonight, Tristan was furious. He turned his car down the cabin’s driveway and parked. Cursing under his breath, he exited the car and made his way inside. The cabin sat upon twenty acres of forestland and had a main floor, a basement, and an upstairs.

Kissing Festival virgin and reality TV fan. ” Scarlet smiled, both grateful and disappointed he chose to greet her with a handshake instead of a kiss—what is wrong with me? She took his hand. “I’m Scarlet. Kissing Festival protester and avid coffee-drinker. ” “I like you already,” Gabriel said as they shook hands. His hand felt cool and dry in the warmth of the summer night and he flashed his dimples at her. She tucked her lips in and pressed down, suddenly rethinking the baggy green shirt. They ended their handshake and Gabriel shoved his hands into the front pockets of his perfectly-fitting jeans.

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