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By Thomas O. Lambdin, revised by John Huehnergard

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Refer to the person or people who are doing the action in a sentence. These pronouns are important for conjugating verbs. yo tú él ella usted I you (singular, informal) he she you (singular, formal) nosotros/-as vosotros/-as ellos ellas ustedes we you (plural, informal) they they you (plural) N OTE : Nosotros and vosotros can also be feminine: nosotras, vosotras. What do you say when you’re speaking to or about a gender-mixed group? As un-politically correct as it may seem, the men have it. Even if there is only one man in the mix, the masculine form (nosotros, vosotros) is used.

El maní 11. la calle 6. el avión 12. un mapa 32 Spanish Demystified Diminutives Spanish speakers often use words called diminutives, usually formed with the suffix -ito, to show fondness or affection, as well as to indicate smallness of size. Think of words like kitty, doggie, booties, or jammies in English. To form the diminutive, drop the last -a or -o of a noun and add the endings -ito, -ita, -itos, or -itas, following the same rules for number and gender as with regular nouns. Note that for nouns ending in -r, -n, or -e, you don’t need to drop the last letter, and the suffix -cito is generally used.

This sound is represented here with rr. When it appears alone in the middle or at the end of a word, it is produced by making a single “turn” of the tongue against the roof of the mouth. To the English speaker, this may sound closer to the d in ladder than to the English r sound. Practice saying these examples: Strong Roll rana (rrah-nah) perro (peh-rroh) arriba (ah-rree-bah) frog dog above, up CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Spanish 15 Soft “Turn” mar (mahr) pero (peh-roh) claro (klah-roh) sea but of course s and z In Latin-American Spanish, the s and z are pronounced like the s sound in see (this varies in Spain).

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