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By U. Narayan Bhat

This introductory textbook is designed for a one-semester path on queueing conception that doesn't require a direction in stochastic methods as a prerequisite. via integrating the required heritage on stochastic methods with the research of versions, this publication presents a foundational advent to the modeling and research of queueing platforms for a extensive interdisciplinary viewers of scholars. Containing workouts and examples, this quantity can be used as a textbook by means of first-year graduate and upper-level undergraduate scholars. The paintings can also be invaluable as a self-study reference for purposes and additional study.

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14 n B) = peA )P(B) A n B = (A U B) A and B are independent => peA Now - so - peA nB) => A -- = P([A UB)) = I - peA U B) = I - [P(A) + PCB) - peA )P(B) ] = I - P(A) - PCB) + peA )P(B) = [I -P(A)][I-P(B)] = peA )P(B) and B are independent events. 15 95% of car drivers wear seat belts, 64% of car drivers involved in serious accidents die if not wearing a seat belt whereas 12% of those that do wear a seat belt die. Calculate , correct to three significant figures , the percentage of drivers involved in serious accidents who died and (SUJB) were not wearing seat belts.

4. Calcu(UCLES) late (i) P(X U Y), (ii) P[(X n Y)/(X U Y)]. 16 A restaurant offers a lunch menu consisting of 3 soups, 4 entrees and 5 sweets. If, for each meal, a regular diner chooses one soup, one entree and one sweet, how many different meals can he choose? If further, he makes his selection at random, calculate the probability that next week he chooses: (a) the same meal on Monday and Tuesday, (b) meals with entirely different courses on Monday and Tuesday, (c) meals with entirely different courses on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday .

11 shows the possible routes with six roads running South-North and six running West-East. Given that he always moves either North or East, how many different routes can be take? 11 The cafe Bernouilli is situated half-way between the two junctions marked X and Y on the West-East road AB. If at each junction, Monsieur Andom chooses a possible route randomly and he never passes the cafe without stopping for a drink, find the probability that on a day that he works, Monsieur Andom can be seen drinking at cafe Bernouilli in the evening.

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