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By Eri Banno

This can be a known textbook for starting eastern overlaying the 4 easy abilities - interpreting, writing, listening and talking. Genki I covers classes 1 to twelve. Japanese/English

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Ikura desu ka. you can say: こ の ど け い は い く ら ですか。 lくono tokee wa How much is thお ωαtch? ikura desu ka. Similarl)・, if you are talking about a ,yatch that is held by the person you are talking to, you can say: そ の と け い は さ ん ぜん え ん で す 。 Sono tokee wa That ωαtch is 3, 000 yen. sanzen en desu. And if the watch is far from both the speaker and lhe lislener, you can say: あ の と け い は さ ん ぜん ご ひ ゃ く え ん で す。 Ano tokee wa Thαt 切αtch ove:γ there is 3,500 yen. sanzengohyaku en desu. If you already know that one of seyeral watches is 3,500 yen but do not know which, you can say: ど の と け い が さ ん ぜん ご ひ ゃ く え ん で すか。 Dono tokee ga Which watch is 3,500 yen?

Sore wa Suu san no kaban desu. That is Sue's bαg. o ここ そこ あそこ どこ e will learn just one more ko-so-α-do set in this lesson: koko, soko, asoko , and doko are words for places. e, where is the post office? doko desu ka. If you are close by, you can point toword the post office and say: ( ゅ う ぴん き ょ く は ) あ そ こ です。 (Yuubinkyoku wa) (The post office is) right 0悦γ there. asolくo desu. We will learn how to give more specific directions in Lesson 4. 第2 嗣1 8 0- noun も 1n Lesson 1, \ye learned how to say ,.

Vendor: This is 1,800 yen. Mary: Then, I'll take that watch. 本 時与 Stranger: Whose wallet is this? Mary: It's my walIet. Thank you very much. ① "vVaitress: W eIcome. Here's the menu. Mary: Thank you. \Vhat is this? 1ヘTaitress: Which one? Oh, it is Mary: lonkatsu (pork cutlet). Tonkatsu? Is it fish? \iVaitress: No, it is not fish. It is meat. It is delicious. 1'1I have this. Mary: Then, 本 牢 富島 Mary: Excuse me. Where is the restroom? Waitress: 1 t is over there. Oishii desu yo. ③|砂会話 文法編 V W 司区 0 r d 5 o T h c a t た ん a b 凪 ー=て、 仁ー u a r y P 0 i n t これ kore this one 本 それ so re that one 火 あれ を巴 どれ are that one (over there) dore which one この kono this .

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