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By Konstantin Stanislavski, Jean Benedetti

 An Actor’s paintings on a Role is Konstantin Stanislavsky’s vintage exploration of the practice session strategy, utilizing the suggestions of his seminal actor education approach to the duty of bringing existence and fact to one’s position.

Originally released over part a century in the past as Creating a Role, this e-book turned the 3rd in a trilogy – after An Actor Prepares and Building a Character, that are now mixed in a newly translated quantity referred to as An Actor’s Work. In those books, now foundational texts for actors, Stanislavsky units out his mental, actual and sensible imaginative and prescient of actor training.

This new translation from well known author and critic Jean Benedetti not just comprises Stanislavski’s unique teachings, yet is usually offered with worthwhile supplementary fabric within the form of transcripts and notes from the rehearsals themselves, reconfirming The approach because the cornerstone of actor education.

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