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By Darrell Bain

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Booger Bear was safe. He had been stunned when he hit a nearby concrete picnic bench, but he was already wobbling shakily back to his feet. Gary braved the erupting flames and ran to him. He gathered him into his arms and turned his back on the burning truck as he felt his hair beginning to singe. He ran toward where Maria's rescuer was dragging her further away and helped her with his good arm, cradling his pet in the one that had taken the hit. Between the two, they got Maria and themselves and the still-dazed cat safely back from the flames.

He should have guessed. "Don't worry about it. " Just then, the stutter of small caliber automatic weapons sounded from back the way they had come. There was an explosion, then more automatic gunfire that gradually tapered off to single shots and finally stopped completely. "It sounds like we got out just in time,” Maria said, showing little emotion. She did take his hand though, and hurried him along. Gary fell silent and they trudged on, block after block. Eventually they came to a part of the city that he had never frequented, consisting mostly of small gated truck farms.

So let's get moving,” Lea said. Gary was certainly no woodsman and quickly found out that the others weren't either. He did feel a little more secure carrying one of the heavier laserifles taken from the van. No one knew any more how many, or what kinds of enhanced animals were loose in the wilds, but it was a certainty that there were plenty of them. Carnivores roamed the countryside that were too smart to be susceptible to the old ways of killing or capturing them, and mice, rats and rabbits were a scourge to crops, and they too were intelligent enough to learn quickly to avoid poisons, traps and the unenhanced animals that once preyed on them.

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