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By Alexia Grosjean

Box Marshal Alexander Leslie was once the top score commander from the British Isles to serve within the Thirty Years’ struggle. although Leslie’s lifestyles offers the thread that runs via this paintings, the authors use his tale to discover the affects of the Thirty Years’ battle, the British Civil Wars and the age of army Revolution.

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The town fortifications were particularly substandard, and he requested that his chancellor, Axel Oxenstierna, should send Leslie with the Närke och Värmland to reinforce these defences. 107 To that end Axel Oxenstierna ordered 4,000–5,000 guilder in cash along with large quantities of beer, bread, rye, barley and hops, as well as quantities of timber for Leslie’s use.

It is not clear why the Dutch remained stubborn on this point. However, for those who sought to climb higher there was another option open to them. 70 As Spens’s title implies, in Sweden no glass ceiling was applied to foreigners who took service there, and it was apparent that a command position was easily in the grasp of the competent military entrepreneur. Sweden: The Unofficial Alliance When Sweden broke from the Danish-controlled Kalmar Union in 1523, it did so with foreign aid, principally from Lübeck and northern Germany.

James VI’s reaction to the various plots against him ranged from proscriptive legislation against specific families to more direct military action against rebellious elements within his realm. Patrick Ruthven’s solution to the retention of his name was to seek military service abroad where he could keep it without prejudice. 54 Indeed, both the government and private individuals were so well armed as to be able to offer to assemble an army on demand. 55 Clearly, some Scottish Catholics saw the impending arrival of this fleet as a way of furthering their own agenda in Scotland.

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