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By Alexander Dolgun

This booklet is ready survival in any respect charges. it's appealing in it truly is haunting methods and unhappy past trust. yet there's a thread of spirit that is going via it that makes you recognize Mr.Dolgun very greatly. i used to be sorry to listen to he died so younger.

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I went and stood in front of his big desk. He had very gray eyes. I noticed that he had missed shaving just under his nose. After a while he offered me a cigarette. " I took it and he lit it for me with a kind of courtesy. " "I told you that. Two weeks ago. More. " I waited. "In the labor camp where I will send you when I'm through with you, there is always tobacco, you can have your own and you can smoke whenever you like. " I just smiled my simple smile at him and shrugged. "Look, prisoner, I'm going to give you some advice.

And so on. And after a while Sidorov started shouting at me that he had put the same question to me three times without an answer, what was wrong with me anyway. "I don't get much sleep, you know," I remember saying to him. It was not a very pleasant night, and it lasted the full time. I fell off the chair at least twice, and the second time they woke me with cold water. M. and my legs were aching from the evening's crazy enthusiasm, and yet the minute the door opened and the guard beckoned me out of the interrogation room I began to count for sanity, and by the time my breakfast came, although my legs were screaming for mercy, the buildings of Moscow had begun to thin out for me and I was within one kilometer of the edge of the city.

I'm really sorry. But this is really marvelous! " I said, "Listen. You're getting extra pay for night interrogations. If I tell you everything right now, you'll lose all those bonuses. Why should I do that to you after all you've done for me? Besides, if you know everything already, what do you need me for anyway? Why not just send me quietly off to camp? You could spend the next six months writing up your reports at home. Then you could report you've got the confession you needed. " Being pretty lightheaded, that all sounded better to me than it really was.

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