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By M. M. Botvinnik

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L:Ixd5! exd5 (B lack can DEFLECTION 49 This position looks rather confusing, with both sides having advanced pawns, but White won the game with a neat combination : 29 �h8+ ! (this deflection allows White to take on f7 without the king recapturing) 29 ... l::t. bxa2++ 31 Wxa2 1 -0. Black resigned because after 3 1 . :lb2+ 32 Wa 1 he runs out of checks and cannot meet White 's threats. In this case the deflec­ tion was combined with pawn promotion and with the creation of mating threats . w .. P.

SKEWER 3 45 5 B B How can Black win material ? 4 Black played 36 ... g6 here. Was this a good move? 6 B B How did Black finish White off? How did B lack force a win in this appar­ ently placid position ? 5 Defl ect i o n In the earl ier chapters of thi s book, the tactics depended on the geometrical arrangement of the pieces on the board ; for example, pins and skewers are based on the li ning-up of the pieces involved. Not al l tactics are of this type . In thi s chapter we meet for the first time tactics which depend on the functions of the pieces invol ved rather than the geometry of the chessboard.

A b c d e 10 13 w B 6 5 3 2 How does White win most easi ly? How did Black end the game with a singlt deadly blow? DEFLECTION 14 53 17 w B White has sacrificed a piece for a strong initiative. How did he press his attack home? Black played 25 J:tc8 and the game ended in a draw. Did he have a better move? How did Black force an instant win? How did Black force material gain? 16 w White has sacrificed a piece. How did he win with a deflection ? 19 w White used a deflection to start a decisive attack on Black's king.

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