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By Carl W. Blegen, Richard Stillwell, Oscar Broneer, Alfred Raymond Bellinger

The most discoveries in the course of the 1926 season of excavations at the castle above the most website of historical Corinth have been the principles of the temple of Aphrodite and a awesome Hellenistic concrete vault erected to guard the spring of higher Peirene.

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2eKO[V'V)S0 FIGURE bl C 58.

040 m. The initial epsilon of the first word is omitted. Fraenkel restores it to ... , but if that is correct the inscription was left incomplete, for 'AXEov, Mv-qo-OWo-oluaL for the first word. The there are no traces of letters below. u'u,O,apparentlywith the forceof an optative, is commonon Christiantombstones,' but does not appearelsewhereamong the inscriptionsfrom Peirene. 20 m. I Cf. W. K. , Nos. 121 and 336. 2 Skias, loc. , 6H'. THE INSCRIPTIONS FROM UPPER PEIRENE 8. a. 'Ejiv'or-7N1 acC 55 HI a.

40 m. ) Near south end of vault. Near easternstuccoedwall below level of tiles. There were also two bronze nails and three or four coins too badly corroded to be legible, but apparently of the same style and fabric as the coins listed above. 21 m. From the careful construction it is fair to take this as representing the average thickness. Interior and exterior examination showed that the shell was composed of an agglomerate of sea sand and pebbles, held together by a binder the analysis of which shows a strong admixture of lime.

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