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2. (in the plural as adjective) all. visi nès 6 m all the people. a (in the plural as pronoun) everybody. — vrena (noni. —aco. neuter) one thing. — — vfenas, —à (3) 1. one. vrenos drys one door. 2. alone. vienà patl all alone. — — — viertinis, —è (1) vieiis, —é (2) only, SCIC. — — vienplaaki —é (2) cylindrical. — bareheaded. vietà (2) place; room, space. vitos aristokratijà the local aristocracy. — — — visos, —ia (1) of every kind, all kinds of. visóki rUii of all kinds. — — visu — everywhere. hen.

1. mistress. couple, pair. pr a couple of times. padêti (pràdeda,—dejo,—des) begin, start (trans. ). — beginning. 1 pradià (4) at first, at the pradis beginning. — pláukas (3) — hair. plakti (-kia, —kê, —ks) run. —) — the past. 37. — prâkaitas (3) sweat, perspiration. — prakaitIoti (—iloja, —vo, —us) sweat, perspire. prj w. ace. — 1. against. prie káln4— uphill. 2. in front of, before (place). 3. before (time). prie kèlet4 tièt, — a few years ago. prakéikti (—kia,—kê,--keThs) condemn to hell, damn.

4) — dear, amiable. — —a (1) — blue. the blue (of te sky), m1yné (1) blue spot. — melsvas, - (4) ménesfena (1) — mitas (2) — — dearest, stake, pole. myléti (mli,myiejo,my1es) love. nas, —à (3) loved, beloved. — — dearer. — amiably, sweetly, lovingl7. — ieiiusias, —a (1) most beloved. - bluish. moonlight. myikis (miisi ,myijosi,my1sis) love each other. — mnOti (mIni,uiinéjo,mines) mention. minià (4) — — crowd. mnkyti (minko, minké, ml nkys) knead. — 2. :V m1nktas, —à,-a (3) - night. naktis, -its (4) for the night.

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