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I i * . (* . * *) '. ( * * ) ( * *)(*). a ra(a) tha [ mi ru] The arrows in (34) indicate that the line 2 asterisks are moved from the initial head to the second head by Move a. N u in (34b) is extrametrical, as discussed in section 2. Given the line 1 asterisks in (34), we would expect Vowel Lengthening in (31) to apply to the fourth syllable mi and to the fifth syllable ru in (34), as well as to the second syllable. However, this is contrary to fact, as is evident from (34). To prevent (31) from incorrectly applying to the fourth and fifth syllables, the line 1 asterisks on these syllables would have to be deleted.

Line 1 * * * ( * * * ) lineO 1 2 3 4 5 6 It will be shown in Chapter 6 that ternary feet are indispensable to the explanation of the Cayuvava and Chugach Alutiiq stress systems, and that such feet are either left-headed or rightheaded. If head-terminal ternary stress is necessary for independent reasons, then it is quite natural to assume (22) as the parameter settings for Tokyo Japanese. The merit of the system in (22) is that we now can dispense with the extrametricality which is necessary in the system in (20).

All that is peculiar to this language are the processes in (3). e. they are needed in order to account for other tonal, harmonic, and syllabic phenomena). Morris Halle (p. ) has suggested an alternative approach which incorporates the notion "copying", which has been shown to be necessary for a variety of reduplications discussed by Steriade (1987, 1988), Bao (1988), among others. The system incorporating this notion could be formalized something like the following: (7) a. b. c. d. e. (= (3a)) Copy each of the Kana transcripts after itself.

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