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By Brett Halliday

Mike Shayne, the fellow with a style for violence, tackles corruption, greed, brutality, and homicide in an action-packed 24 hours within the Kentucky mining city of Centerville.

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It was no use. He had $597 in cash and the register showed he’d rung up $613. It wasn’t going to balance. He went to his tip jar and made up the difference, then crossed to the dart boards with a last Guinness, trying to decide what he was going to do. He had talked to Glitsky and found out that he hadn’t gone down to talk to Louis Baker, that the ex-con was still on the streets. 39 Glitsky had started to explain something about other suspects, but Hardy, working the bar, was busy and didn’t have time for police procedural bullshit.

Hardy paused, again working that idea out. “It’s a possibility,” he said. ” “I don’t know if I’d give ’em too much time. ” Hardy didn’t feel like getting into whether or not he was going to shoot down Louis Baker on sight. “We’ll see,” he said. ” Something stopped Hardy from just saying, Oh, I’m at Frannie’s. He didn’t want her brother thinking she was being put in danger. He didn’t want Moses to let it slip at the bar—Oh, Hardy’s staying at my sister’s place. He was also, in some way, reluctant to acknowledge to Moses his closeness to Frannie, to get into why he had decided to go to her place.

He could hear Glitsky’s breathing slow down. ” 50 Chapter Seven «^» The dreams had been bad, and Louis Baker hadn’t slept until nearly dawn. In the dreams there was a bright light beckoning to him, but then there was always the yard bell waking him just before he could get to the light. Sometimes, though, before the bell, there would be some other people close around him, pushing up against him, not exactly going for the light themselves, really unaware of it, but getting in his way enough so he’d have to break through them, smashing faces, stomping on their bodies if he had to.

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