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La- Dt. 26,6, inf. Is. 1,16, f < second alef. (Gr. 233, 237, badz'l-) I) prep. because of. W. Lainf. in order t o Ex. 20~17, 2) W. da- conj. -Gn. 3,17n error (Gr. 109). 4,15 with nominal sentence with infinitive lest anyone . . should kill him. bdellium, a type of odorous resin Gn. z,12, in haste Dt. 16~3. (related to H ma) Ithpe. t o be put to shame impf. tibbahdan Is. 1,29, f f~n334~! (Gr. ).

1,21. (Gr. 174) m. tree. (Gr. 140) fear Dt. II,25. (H) it is not Is. 2,7 C. (Gr. 108, cg. mt) there islwas. W. la- denoting possession he has Ex. 24,14. (Gr. -Inf. xal Gn. 1,29, h ~ Dt. , inf. abs. me'x&l Gn. z,16 (Gr. 279). Ptc. for imperfective cstr. pl. (who) e. g and 17 : Ps. , Neo. 313 pf. w. ptc. for past imperfective (everybody who) +>x ;n;r was eating (from it). Impf, for jussive-future tZxul (Gr. ) you may e. 2 : Ps. , (on the day) you e. 5 , you shall e. 14, w. suff. (Gr. ) 17. Gn. 3,6 pf.

YY) wood, wooden material Dt. 3. (Gr. ) I) also, 2) introducing a question Gn. 3,I 1 (< H). cstr. appd (Gr. 136) m. I) face, surface, 2) nose, nostrils Gn. 2,7, var. an$-, Is. 2,22, Am. 410, 3) 'a2 a. over, on, md'al a. from (a position over) Gn. 4,14, Dt. 6 ~ 5ba'a. , against Is. 2,4. possible to (la- w. ) Gn. 4,14. (Gr. 196) f. finger Is. 2,8, fg I, syll. w. segol. (Gr. 125) four Gn. 2,1o. (Gr. 127) fourty Ex. 24,18, Dt. IO,IO. s. "8. (< H) coffin, box. 56 GLOSSARY (Gr. ) 1g6f. pl. ) way, road (also figuratively).

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