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Jageshwarsays that the native has no family comforts and flourishes in the business concerning iron. He has no fear of enemies. Gopal Ratnakara says that the education is disturbed. The above observations may be true but only partially and under specific circumstances only. The question of aspects and associations etc can not be ignored. It appears that the descriptions have been based on the general nature of Saturn. Saturn is sometimes secretive and often the best character reader. When individualised he becomes selfish which makes him a liar and cheat under some circumstances.

Saturn in the third house is accused of making the native accident prone. Some accidents are really accidental but most of the events are generally well planned by the unconscious. If the individual's inner life is examined closely the motive for the event which requires limitation to. free-facing the world tendency shall be clear. This is not the personal observation of any individual but an assertion of Psyc1ology. Saturn is known for his repression of fears and adopting an attitude cf resentment to avoid the issue if forced to come out of his shell.

Guide stage reached in the process. " This is the stage where the individual stops doing any thing good or bad but only service as there is nothing of the sort of good or bad in this world. Every thing has a relative truth only and nothing an absolute truth. Jupiter the planet of spiritual wisdom helps Saturn the symbol of ego to appreciate the final and absolute truth of the entire manifestation. It is on this account that Saturn also signifies servant and service. Saturn in 12th house stands for the sacrifice of material ambition.

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