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Nonetheless, it is the domain of consciousness which is fundamental and, in the end, the totality of reality, with the physical world being merely a kind of construction out of the mental. V. The Idealist Turn In some way, Leibniz represents the culmination of the tradition of high metaphysics: the idea that reason could reveal the ultimate nature of things and that this nature is radically different from that suggested by common sense. But his model of the material world as mere appearance was taken to its logical next step by the, at least superficially, anti-metaphysical Immanuel Kant (1724– 1804).

Despite the metaphysical precariousness of the situation, no one had any doubt that there was a correspondence between certain physical states and mental states and that it ought to be possible to investigate that correspondence scientifically. The pseudo science of phrenology was founded on reasonably acceptable principles by Franz Gall (175 8–1828) with the aim of correlating physical attributes of the brain with mental faculties, of which Gall, following a somewhat idiosyncratic system of categorization, counted some two dozen, including friendship, amativeness, P1: JzG 05 2185 743 0c02 26 CUFX049/Zelazo 0 5 21 85 743 0 printer: cupusbw January 5 , 2007 the cambridge handbook of consciousness and acquisitiveness.

As D. B. Klein said, ‘Gall gave wrong answers to good questions’ (Klein, 1970, 669). Throughout the 19th century, one of the primary activities of psychological science and even the main impetus for its creation was discovering correlations between psychological states and physical conditions, either of the environment of the subject or brain anatomy discovered via postmortem investigation (but not of course brain states, which were entirely inaccessible to 19thcentury science). Unlike in the quackery of phrenology, genuine and profound advances were made.

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