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C4+ your pieces into the game before the 15 .. f5? The bishop returns to a post that 59 Op e n i n g Old (a nd N e w) Wo u n ds Ch ess Se crets: The G ia n ts of P o w e r Play has become even more powerful after ing u p the exchange to gain a secure the weakening 15 ... f5. xf6 iVxf6. it prevents Black developing with . . e6. b2! g. 24 .. Je5 26 fxe5 'it>g7 27 e6+ 'it>h6 28 e7 is superior treatment of the opening in butchery. his game against Tal. With 4 d3! White 24 ... xh3+ 26 'it>xh3 would avoid having his knight pinned h5 27 l:Ig1 1-0 by the black bishop.

ILxf4 any time I Bronstein's positional trap. " do we see the role that the 'harmless' 28 l2Jd3 ! bishop on el is going to play in mating and On the contrary, Bronstein under­ the black king. stands that he shouldn't give his oppo­ 25 .. JUeS 26 �b3 WhS 27 IIba2 li'f8? nent a second chance to exchange on f4. Now he is all set for a 29 axb5 axb5 30 l1a7 breakthrough, so Botvinnik vol­ Scotching any hopes Black might untarily concedes the fight for the a­ have had of picking up the f7-bishop. file.

IVxg7 2 4 f6 was a rule they were breaking. They pieces have if he had played 15 ... f6! wanted paralysed again, meaning . . Jxd5 is on 19 l:tde1! pieces, and it never crossed their minds the cards. d2 ing, as if 19 .. fxe4 20 l:txe4 and the black gaining the most from their plucky ad­ queen is hanging and can't give up the venture. ger zone and reviving his knight. JWe7 The queen is obliged to defend g7. How much less trouble Black would More elegant than the routine 23 to attack, to activate their gain energy - .

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