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Having accumulated video games of Anderssen, Steinitz, and Morphy round is usually great whilst the urge moves me to "go again to fundamentals. " via fundamentals, I in fact suggest wild open video games, like King's Gambits, Giouco Pianos, and so forth. This ebook of Anderssen's video games is actually exceptional. The video games themselves are a treasure, yet both striking is the creation of the publication itself.

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4 is an ingenious example of interference and should be regarded by the composer from that point of view alone. To the solver it will serve as a hint as to the daring character of some of the threat keys. It is so composed that a clearing move by the R (at a3) to h3 is suggested, this enabling White to discover mate with his K at c3. But the importance of finding out the necessity for each piece is demonstrated here. Wondering why the White R at h2 is there, and the discovery that if Black plays Rg3 the supposed Key move is defeated show that the Key is really Rg2.

Then c×d5 and Sb5 ‡. There is a Q sacrifice after Rf4, by Q×e5 † and another after K×c5. The play after S×d4 and after Kc3 is also delightful. Students who get a grip of these examples will have gained a real insight into the Problem Art. CHAPTER XIII REMARKABLE POSITIONS Before leaving the field of example, we must quote another set of six. No. 26 is the famous “Indian” Problem which, published in 845, for long defied solution. At the time it was unique. Like the “Bristol” it has since been the basis of thousands of problems.

This is an improvement. We still have {WDWDbDWD} the dual after Bd7; but, noting that a R {0W0WDWDW} would suffice instead of the Q, we see {RDPiWGWD} that we can now do away with Black’s {InDB4QDW} Be8 and, by placing White’s Bf6 at e7 {W0WDWDWD} and a Black P at e7 (removing the Black {0NgWHWDW} R from g5 to h7 and introducing a Black {WDWDWDWD} Q at h5) force the Key-moving B to go {DWDWDWDW} on to f7—to prevent the interposition vllllllllV of the Black R when Bg8 follows e6. It is necessary to move the White R to g5, and a Black P is required at his g6.

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