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By Pet, Willem J. A.

Arawak (Lokono Dian), an Amerindian language within the Arawakan language kinfolk, is comparatively undescribed. the aim of this learn is to provide a basic, bottom-up cartoon of Arawak. It begins with reviews at the phonology, then discusses morphology and syntax, and ends with reviews approximately discourse.

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Li the d-orebithi. 2) for more details. 2) in support of this claim. 2) where this topic is treated in detail. 4 Verbs 43 b. M-andy-n l-a-bo akharoho. ’ As can be seen in the above examples, the dummy verb is the main verb of the sentence. It carries most of the verb affixes, and all other verbs in the sentence receive the subordination suffix -n. The dummy verb behaves morphologically like an event verb, taking subject pronoun prefixes and event verb suffixes. Semantically, the sentences in which it is found relate events occurring at some specific time and place.

18Note that -ja is written a when added to a word ending in i. 18 Phonology and Morphology g. ) corn’ h. botoli ‘bottle’ Henk botoli-a ‘Henk’s bottle’ i. 2 Gender in Nouns In addition to being classified according to the categories of alienable and inalienable, Arawak nouns may also be loosely grouped according to the features of [+/– human] and [+/– male]. This is reflected in the articles which occur with them. 2 on pronoun gender), the features assigned to the noun to some extent have to do with the speaker’s view of the referent of that noun.

Foley and Van Valin mention (pp. ) Tzotzil). 28 Phonology and Morphology b. ’ abo. with Although the meaning correspondence between basic-stem and a-stem forms is usually predictable, some a-stems differ considerably from their basic-stem counterparts. 2 “Oa-stem” Forms: Passives and Reflexives As its name implies, an “oa-stem” ends in oa. Verbs consisting of a single syllable derive this form by adding -noa. Verbs having two or more syllables in their stem may either replace the vowel of the final syllable with -oa or add -noa.

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