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By Alice R. Gaby

This grammar deals a entire description of Kuuk Thaayorre, a Paman language spoken at the west coast of Cape York Peninsula, Australia. The Paman languages of Cape York have lengthy been famous for his or her exhibition of substantial phonological, semantic and morphosyntactic swap (e.g. Hale 1964, Dixon 1980). but there has beforehand been no released complete reference grammar of a language from this region (some very good dictionaries, theses and caricature grammars even though, e.g. corridor 1972, Alpher 1973, 1991, Crowley 1983, Kilham et al. 1986, Sutton 1995, Smith & Johnson 2000).

On the root of elicited info, narrative and semi-spontaneous dialog recorded among 2002 and 2008, in addition to archival fabrics, this grammar information the phonetics and phonology, morphosyntax, lexical and constructional semantics and pragmatics of 1 of the few indigenous Australian languages nonetheless used as a chief technique of communique. Kuuk Thaayorre possesses positive aspects of typological curiosity at each one of those levels.

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This has sadly been the fate of too many grammars already; for example the numerous very detailed grammars written within the tagmemic tradition, which rarely find their way into typological (or other) samples today. Yet as Dryer (2006) has convincingly argued, “there is no such thing as an atheoretical description”. The present grammar can be broadly described as falling within the tradition of ‘Basic Linguistic Theory’ (Dixon 1997), inasmuch as it builds upon the descriptive theoretical framework that has evolved through grammatical descriptions (particularly of Australian languages) aiming to describe each language on its own terms.

Finally, monosyllables are ubiquitous across all Thaayorre word classes, despite being rare in Australian languages (Dixon 2002:553). 11 Chapter 1 At the level of morphology, Kuuk Thaayorre is one of a very few languages demonstrated to possess phrasal affixation (cf. Dench and Evans 1988, Anderson et al. 1). The syntactic combination of words into phrases and clauses reveals a predominantly nonconfigurational language (cf. Austin and Bresnan 1996) which nevertheless has a highly structured noun phrase (§6).

Schwa); (2) an epenthetic vowel is inserted to reduce a consonant 42 Phonology cluster (or alternatively a transitional vowel is unavoidable given a consonantal sequence)29. The first of these scenarios is attested throughout Thaayorre discourse: in fluid speech most vowels in non-initial syllables will be reduced. The difference between this and the medial vowels under discussion here, is that the underlying full vowel is retrievable and pronounced as such in carefully produced citation forms.

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