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By R. L. Trask

This dictionary of grammatical phrases covers either present and conventional terminology in syntax and morphology. It contains descriptive phrases, the foremost theoretical ideas of the main influential grammatical frameworks, and the manager phrases from mathematical and computational linguistics. It comprises over 1500 entries, delivering definitions and examples, pronunciations, the earliest assets of phrases and recommendations for extra analyzing, and suggestions approximately competing and conflicting usages. The e-book specializes in non-theory-boumd descriptive phrases, that are more likely to stay present for a few years.
Aimed at scholars and lecturers of linguistics, it permits a reader wondered through a grammatical time period to appear it up and find extra studying comfortably.

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Finh (1951). (t cognitive grammar /'kDgnltN/ n. Any approach to grammatical description which is bas€d on. ,191). An overview of the framework is Prcsentedin Langacker(1988). rm/ n. 1. , Basque8ko, 'man' has the conbining form gid- in such formations as Sizdro 'F)or felfow' (suf6x (rorgi'r 'e'itch'). Jb) ^nd gkaaoBin'vrrcercr' 2. d -phobia. Th€ difficulty with r€garding such forms stnctly as affixes is that words can tre formed consisting entirely of such combining forms, such I biocnt aJrd elecnophile: if rhe* forms are affxes, theo such words contain tro root.

Ter. ,; , ' . , , 1 . r . , . , . r, . , r i . r . 1 , : . n r , . i m ( . n | r . y ion, anbiguiiy, she€t lcngr! cr Fr- whicbformsPan n. t. r"r"* A*i. IIof a cate8ory pzr J * U . a , . g o n r . t h ee r a m P lZei s d /'€ p h r a s o € ' a n dt h el o c a t i v e i i i . * i , t a "* * . rr, l: "r,, , . ' , : r , r f r . , . , r . - r . - , u , , r ' n , , n , . s ( . r ' L r ' \ - i r r . r . r i r n r" ' r c naler. ii cpiccne r. rb. rrer ol earli(r dr\. c! r ,1n(l icnrifrn. nirrrtrn-r ''rth ,f'.

Ifthe GB frameworkwerc ever to be tormalized as a generatilc granmar using the re\*'rite rule tbrmat. Cf. IP. e t e c counterexample /'kountang zo:mpu n. Any darum whjch. h someproposed grammatjcalrule or principlc. s castingdoubt on ic laljdity. Chomsk! has repcaredh stressedthat the mere e\istcnceof ruch a darum doesnot in irseif constitutea counrerexamplc. but rarherrhat onlv somepanicutar propo$d analysisof il can be regardedas a counrerexamptc:this argument rs reasonablcenough in principtc.

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