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Whom did Pat send to us? c. Whom did Pat send them to? Local Non-local Non-local In English a direct object normally immediately follows the verb, and likewise the object of a preposition immediately follows its preposition. 1). 1a) is local, because the head and its dependent are adjacent to each other in the canonical pattern for English. In (b) and (c), on the other hand, the dependencies are not local, as the WH-word object of the verb in (b) or the object of the preposition in (c) is not in its canonical position but rather occurs clauseinitially.

Bur,an balan cjugumbil bangul ya^angu. Bangui ya^arjgu balan cjugumbil bu^an. arjgu balan cjugumbil. Balan (Jugumbil bur,an bangul yar^angu. u bu^a-n. 4) a. Ba-la-n 4 u g um bil-0 wayjid,i-n. uphill- T N S b. ugumbil. 3). 5 These examples raise doubts that there is a VP in Dyirbal clause structure, because there is no evidence that the 'object' NP and the verb form any kind of unit. 2). 1. g. S[VPVO], following Kayne's (1994) claim that all languages have S VO order in their underlying syntactic forms, and the case assignment rules apply to this abstract representation.

1 below). g. NP, VP, and syntactic constructions. The problem, in a nutshell, is this: similar forms in different languages can have very different meanings and/or functions within the overall grammatical system, and conversely, the same meaning or function within a grammatical system can be realized by formally quite different constructs in different languages. Hence in looking for comparable entities in different grammatical systems, neither form nor function is necessarily a reliable indicator of comparability.

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