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By Philip Yungkin Lee, Darell Tibbles

Greater than an easy replace, 250 crucial chinese language Characters quantity 2 offers 250 extra characters within the tremendous worthy studying structure that newbies and academics alike proceed to praise.

Following within the footsteps of the newly published Volume 1, it contains every thing that today's newbies and academics wish: counsel for mastery all through; specific routines in AP-exam layout; innovative evaluate sections; and several other indexes.

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Dòngtīng pleasant to listen to 这 东西 一 个 人 拿不动。 她 唱歌 很 Zhè dōngxi yí ge rén nábudòng. Tā chànggē hěn dòngtīng. This thing can’t be moved by one person. She sings beautifully. 2. ‫ۯ‬ว dòngshēn to set out on a journey 我们 动听。 5. ‫ۯ‬࿿ᇴ dòngwùyuán zoo 明天 一 早 就 动身。 北京 动物园 有 大熊猫。 Wǒmen míngtiān yì zǎo jiù dòngshēn. Běijīng Dòngwùyuán yǒu dàxióngmāo. We’ll leave early tomorrow. There are pandas in Beijing Zoo. 3. ‫ۯ‬ට dòngrén moving, touching 这 个 电影 故事 很 动人。 Zhè ge diànyǐng gùshi hěn dòngrén. The plot of this movie is very touching.

He is ill. The child’s condition took a turn for the better. 2. թ् bìngjià sick leave 好转。 5. թට bìngrén patient 医生 给 我 三 天 病假。 这 家 医院 医生 不够, 病人 太 多。 Yīshēng gěi wǒ sān tiān bìngjià. Zhè jiā yīyuàn yīshēng búgòu, bìngrén tài duō. The doctor gave me three days’ sick leave. This hospital does not have enough doctors; there are too many patients. 3. թ૦ bìnglì medical history 请 填上 病历。 Qǐng tiánshàng bìnglì. Please fill in your medical history. Helpful tips: The sixth stroke is shorter than the one above it.

Dancing can improve your physique. 65 meters tall. 3. วฉ shēnshang (carry something) on one 你 身上 有 零钱 吗? Nǐ shēnshang yǒu língqián ma? Have you got any change on you? Helpful tips: The third stroke ends with a hook. 7 strokes 1 2 3 4 7 5 6 40 CHARACTER 285 Traditional Form 体 Radical: 體 tǐ body 亻# 19 “upright person” Compounds, sentences, and meanings 1. ༹ tǐ style of writing 4. ༹૰ tǐlì bodily strength 你 写 的 是 什么 体? 运动 能 增强 体力。 Nǐ xiě de shì shénme tǐ? Yùndòng néng zēngqiáng tǐlì. What style of calligraphy are you writing?

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