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By Philip Yungkin Lee, Darell Tibbles

This is a useful examine consultant for studying uncomplicated chinese language characters.

250 crucial chinese language Characters quantity 1 is a moment variation, thoroughly revised and with 50 percentage new fabric. that includes a brand new layout; suggestions for mastery all through; workouts in AP-exam layout; innovative evaluation sections; and a number of other indices, this quantity is an important studying device for a person drawn to Chinese.

• grasp every one character's radical, stroke count number and meaning
• develop in talent by means of studying compound words
• instance sentences convey tips on how to use them in context
• evaluation actions make stronger your leaning progress
• necessary writing publications and perform grids for each character

After learning this publication including its better half, 250 crucial chinese language Characters, quantity 2, you'll have discovered 500 of an important characters in chinese language, and millions of phrases within which they seem. no matter if you're new to chinese language or coming again for assessment, every one of those 250 characters provide you with how you can increase your chinese language abilities.

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Nǚpéngyou girlfriend 2. 朋友 péngyou friend 你有 中国 你 有 女朋友 了 没有? 朋友 吗? Nǐ yǒu nǚpéngyou le méiyou? Do you have a girlfriend? Nǐ yǒu Zhōngguó péngyou ma? Do you have any Chinese friends? 5. 老朋友 lǎopéngyou old friend 难得 有 机会 跟 老朋友 聚 在一起。 Nándé yǒu jīhuì gēn lǎopéngyou jù zài yìqǐ. Old friends don’t often get the chance to meet. Helpful tips: The right component is written slightly wider. indd 23 3/16/09 11:23:53 AM CHARACTER 22 友 Radical: yǒu friend 又 # 24 “again” Compounds, sentences, and meanings 1.

Character Identification Please identify the following characters by writing the pinyin for each character. Then continue by illustrating the stroke order for each character. For example: 我 wǒ Pinyin Stroke Order 什 么 好 吗 再 见 叫 名 B. Reading Comprehension Please read the following description of the friend of the speaker. Answer the questions in English based on the information in the description. indd 38 3/16/09 11:24:11 AM 1. What is the friend’s name? 我要介绍介绍我 的 好 朋 友 。我 的 朋 友叫李 春 花 。她 是 2. What is the friend’s family name?

Please select and write five numbers and their respective characters: Number Character C. Chinese Language Sudoku Please complete the following grid in Chinese characters. The grid is comprised of columns and rows that contain each number from 1–9. Each small box within the grid also contains each number from 1–9. indd 14 3/16/09 11:23:43 AM CHARACTER 13 我 Radical: wǒ I, me 戈 # 85 “spear” Compounds, sentences, and meanings 1. 我 wǒ I, me 3. 我们的 wǒmende our, ours 我 喜欢 学 汉字。 我们的 将来 是 美好 的。 Wǒ xǐhuan xué Hànzì.

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