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For examp ple, you can m mitigate the Intternet Explorerr Protected mo ode by adding the site to the tru usted site list or by turning o off Protected M Mode, which w we do not recommend. MCT USE ONLY. STUDENT USE PROHIBITED 1-12 Installing and Deploying Winddows 8 • Running the application a in a virtualized environment. e Iff all other metthods are unavvailable, you m may be able to run n the applicatiion in an earlie er version of W Windows using g virtualization tools such as Hyper-V. Late er sections of this t course willl provide moree details aboutt Hyper-V.

WIM enables you to start Windows PE from a WIM file. The Windows 8 setup process uses Windows PE. The WIM file is loaded into a RAM disk, and run directly from memory. Tools T for Performing g an Image e-Based Installation Th here are severa al tools and te echnologies that you ca an use to perfo orm image-based installation of Windows. W You must m be aware e of these toolss and kn now where to use them in deployment situ uations: MCT USE ONLY. exxe). This is the program th hat installs the Windows ope erating system or upgrades u previious versions of o the Windows operating o syste em.

Exe [/oobe | /audit] [/generalize] [/reboot | /shutdown | /quit] [/quiet] [/unattend:answerfile] The following table lists some of the more common command-line options available for Sysprep. Option Description MCT USE ONLY. STUDENT USE PROHIBITED Configuring Windows® 8 1-27 /audit Restarts the computer in audit mode. Audit mode enables you to add drivers or applications to Windows. You also can test an installation of Windows before you send it to an end user. If you specify an unattended Windows setup file, the audit mode of Windows Setup runs the auditSystem and auditUser configuration passes.

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