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By (Eds.) C. Bachas, J. Maldacena, K. S. Narain, S. Randjbar-Daemi

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4. 267 he is able to cry— You heavens, give me patience—patience I need! But he immediately goes on to reject the idea ofpatience, and, apostrophizing the gods, says— If it be you that stirs these daughters' hearts Against their father, fool me not so much To bear it tamely} touch me with noble anger. xxxiv KING LEAR And in a second or two he is raving furiously—and impotently. At 3. 2. ' The lesson is not yet fully learned. He is still going to behave extravagantly. And at 3. 6. 57 Kent has to reprove him, affectionately— Sir, where is the patience now That you so oft have boasted to retain?

VI. Lear's Suffering When Cordelia justifies her answer to her father in. 1 she may be said to be trying to teach him. The outspoken Kent tries to teach him. The Fool is continually trying to teach him. But his most effective teacher is Suffering. Through suffering, Lear learns wisdom and attains salvation. He learns to be patient under affliction. He learns that, though king, he is also man. He learns repentance, humility, and charitable fellow-feeling with, even the lowest of distressed humanity.

The flourish of bravado merely adds to the sinister impression. And the disadvantages of bastardy are not his only motive. He is a younger son who determines to seize by sheer treachery the rights that belong to an elder son—cutting at the roots of that normal law of succession which is an essential part of'the Elizabethan World Picture', and 1 Shakespeare's Doctrine of Nature, pp. 48, 50. INTRODUCTION xlvii which is upheld in all of Shakespeare's plays. At the end, to be sure, Edmund is allowed a last-minute repentance which is denied to Goneril and Regan.

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