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The Chess Games of Adolph Anderssen: Master of Attack

Having accrued video games of Anderssen, Steinitz, and Morphy round is usually great whilst the urge moves me to "go again to fundamentals. " by way of fundamentals, I in fact suggest wild open video games, like King's Gambits, Giouco Pianos, and so forth. This ebook of Anderssen's video games is actually extraordinary. The video games themselves are a treasure, yet both extraordinary is the construction of the publication itself.

Korchnoi's 400 Best Games

Korchnoi's four hundred most sensible video games [Jan 01, 1978] Korchnoi, Viktor

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H4 0-0 Not an obvious decision! Generally, in such positions Black tries to create some play on the queenside. Apparently Garry calculated that White’s attack was not that dangerous. Maybe he knew it already! By the way, this position occurred in the game Kovacevic – Ilinic (Yugoslavia, 1994). Kb1 Na4 This position (by transposition) emerged in the game Nevednichy – Badea (Romania, 1994). It is hard to break loose from the grip of theory! g5 Ndc5 A novelty! Black is methodically transferring his cavalry closer to the white king, ignoring the standard c4-square.

And launched a dangerous counterattack on the Black king. To avoid the worst, Garry took the perpetual check. Thanks to both opponents (especially Judit) for an interesting game. Nc3 Qb6 After a crushing defeat from Kasparov in the 4…e6 line, Karpov is taking the off-road route. 0-0 Bg4 Grischuk is following in Sutovsky’s footsteps. The latter beat Magem and drew with Dreev in this position. b3 b5!? It is hard to invent something new in chess. The Scotsman Thompson successfully made good use of this move in 1988.

Rd2, covering the second rank, looks safe enough. Qxd4 Black is trading his queen for two rooks. Kh7? Qe7 with a double attack on f5 and b4. Rc8? a5. Qb7! also leads to a draw. Qxb6 Rxa4 Kasparov: In 1973 Karpov defended a similar endgame versus Tal. Qb8+ White got off the hook. Karpov does not allow Black to consolidate his position. Had the black rook taken up the f5-square, White would have been in trouble. 1/2-1/2 A fighting draw. Kasparov did his best. He build up some pressure and posed problems to his opponent, but did not manage to extract his predecessor on the champion’s throne from a drawing shell.

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