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Having amassed video games of Anderssen, Steinitz, and Morphy round is usually great whilst the urge moves me to "go again to fundamentals. " by means of fundamentals, I in fact suggest wild open video games, like King's Gambits, Giouco Pianos, and so on. This e-book of Anderssen's video games is actually outstanding. The video games themselves are a treasure, yet both amazing is the creation of the ebook itself.

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G4! Bxg4 Rxa2! Ke2?? Qd3#. However, knowing the outcome of the battle, one can say that this is just the way the Indian Champion should have continued. Ba7. Rxc5? Bf1 g3. Qxg4. Qxc5 The 40th move! Rf4! Qc3 Qh4 Black would settle the game via an immediate attack. Now White exchanges queens. Qh6! Kf1 Bxf2, but now Topalov wants more. Rd1? Qe3 should have been played. Bb6! g3!? Rd8+ Kh7! Rh8+! Qxf2 Qxe4+, with an extra pawn in the queen ending. Qxh6+ gxh6 the a2-pawn is lost. Nevertheless, this is just how he should have played.

Rad8! c4? , winning the piece. Nd3 Rd8! Rff2, preparing Nf4. Be2 Leko’s play for the last fifteen moves has been consistent and strong. But at this point Peter’s patience is wearing thin, and he makes a hasty decision. Be4!? he might have blocked the white rook in order to fight for a win. h6 does not look bad either. Kxc2? Rxe2! Kxe2 h6, White is left without the pawn. Ka2, where, thanks to the passed h-pawn, White’s chances were no worse, and he signed a peace deal. 1/2-1/2 Round 7 (Iliya gorodetsky) If not for Topalov, the Dortmund tournament would have lacked any intrigue.

Topalov redeploys his forces. Rc2 Rb7! Kc2 Rg1 Black is about to triumph, but at this point Anand seems to have a temporary stroke of luck. Kd3! Rxg2!? e5, and White promotes the pawn in time! But Topalov is in no hurry to sign a peace deal. Ke2 Rf3! Bxf3? Rc2 Kd3! g2+. Rc2? Kd3 Rxc2! e8Q, Black retains his pawn and he easily wins. Re2+ Kf4, the white bishop is at last drawn into the game. Kf1 is surely drawish. Ke2?? Rc2 Rg1 This is the same position as that after the 60th move, but the black king has been driven far back.

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