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Having accumulated video games of Anderssen, Steinitz, and Morphy round is usually great while the urge moves me to "go again to fundamentals. " by way of fundamentals, I in fact suggest wild open video games, like King's Gambits, Giouco Pianos, and so on. This publication of Anderssen's video games is actually superb. The video games themselves are a treasure, yet both amazing is the construction of the e-book itself.

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Korchnoi's four hundred top video games [Jan 01, 1978] Korchnoi, Viktor

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If white plays the standard Qd2 and 0-0-0 black knows precisely what to do. Short decides to play a waiting move and to keep both sides open for his king basically saying that black does not have any useful waiting moves and has to make some concessions. Qd2 Nc6 After this move Short felt already a little more relaxed because it is much harder for black to achieve d5 now. 0-0 Bf8 After the game Short stated that it is not clear at all that the bishop is here better placed. Sometimes it is better on e7 to protect the knight on f6.

Nb3 [22. Qc5 Qb5! Rac1 Rb8 [27... Ke7?! g3 gxh4 35. Rcc2 just missing one tempo, if it were white to move here it would be quite a different story after Rd2. Rc8+ 1/2-1/2 Judit Polgar vs Nigel Short Round 7. Photo © Michiel Abeln. Judit Polgar came very close to winning today against Short. During the whole game she was pressing and in the end she went for a favorable rook ending where Short escaped with a draw. The last game to finish was between Ivan Sokolov and Alexander Grischuk. Sokolov got a position that he has had twice before, about ten years ago.

Photo © Mark Crowther Morozevich-Anand Round 5. Photo © Michel Abeln. Morozevich's bad form continued into round 5. He was probably lost after he sacrificed a piece. However, if he had not played b4 but instead 0-0 he may have developed a very dangerous attack. Anand said that he was not offended that Morozevich played on in a clearly lost position as he understood he was having a bad tournament. As to his own bad form he stated he was happy to get back to 50% but was non-commital beyond that. See the annotated game below based in part on Anand's demonstration of the game in the press conference.

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