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By Fred Reinfeld

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CuuuuuuuuC {wDWDWdWD} {DWdqdWDW} {WdwdwDWD} {DWDB4wdw} {WDp$bDwD} {dW)WiwDW} {WDWDWDWD} {DWDKHWgN} vllllllllV Mate in 2 moves No. 14. —A skilfully constructed and, I may say, handsome problem. I have nothing but praise for it. A modest little move opens it, and discloses eight variations, five of which are noticeable for 35 C. F. Stubbs: Globe Problem and Solution Tourney No. 2. beauty and purity. There is, however, a weakness in its character which prevents it taking rank with the leaders in this competition.

15. —This is all pretty enough, but lacks depth. I have seen the idea rendered more elaborately many times. Evidences of constructive skill are, however, apparent, and I venture to predict that if the author has not already done better, he will surpass this before long. The idea is handled with great economy. No. 17. —A trifle that cannot hope to compete with many of its more powerful rivals, and, as “time is money” we will pass on. No. 18. —It is needless to point out the many beauties of this fine production.

Idea rather commonplace. No. 32. —The opening is easy. The after-play quite novel and extra good, but in the mating positions the pieces are not used economically; though I apprehend it would be difficult to render the idea with much less force, preserving the character of the problem. I presume the object of the author in using the Black P was to prevent duals when Bh7. For my part I should have left it off, believing that a dual that is created by a purposeless move of Black is of little account.

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