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By Irving Chernev

This can be a outstanding publication that each chessplayer may still personal. whilst i used to be undefined, I learn a remark via a chess bookseller who pointed out a grasp who had performed via each online game during this ebook in his formative years, and had stated what an outstanding publication it was once. in the beginning I snorted derisively, yet i made a decision to examine the video games myself. Over a interval of a number of years, I performed via, analyzed, and annotated the 1st 800 or so video games within the e-book. I additionally grew to become a grasp, and this e-book is an important a part of the explanation why.

Chernev enjoyed chess, and acknowledged that he had most likely performed over extra chess video games than someone in heritage. (This ebook was once released in 1954, lengthy prior to the times of chess databases, or perhaps Chess Informant; Chernev needed to learn via hundreds of thousands of chess books and magazines, a few particularly imprecise, to gather those games.) The video games Chernev has chosen are very interesting and a few are rather appealing. The video games are very frivolously annotated through Chernev, so for the main half it truly is as much as the reader to determine the place the loser (and usually either gamers) went mistaken. cautious research of the video games within the booklet will acquaint you with virtually each tactical suggestion there's, and should assist you stay away from error your self, and take advantage of these of your opponent. I see tactical rules in a short time, and that i imagine this ebook is a part of the explanation why.

Several reviewers have acknowledged that the booklet is a dear collector's merchandise nowadays. it really is certainly attainable to spend so much of cash for it, yet a number of booksellers listed below are promoting it for $13-14. New chess books this present day fee approximately two times that, and are typically much smaller than this tome, so this ebook is kind of a cut price. i purchased the paperback over 30 years in the past whilst it was once nonetheless in print. a few pages got here free through the years. i have due to the fact that acquired one other paperback and a hardcover reproduction of the publication, copied my unique annotations into the paperback, and given away my unique dog-eared paperback to a chum. i could not endure to throw out any reproduction of a ebook for which i've got such affection!

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A23 ) 1 6 . . 'id8 ! is a much tougher move with which Borriss improved 2 . . xD CDdf6. My instinct was to look at 1 7 �a4 ! sacrifices and all, but after some analysis I have to say that I am pretty sure that 1 7 . J�tb8 ! 1 8 fxe5 b5 1 9 CDxb5 axb5 20 �xb5 �6! falls short for White. te2, provoking . . b5 and then launching a second front with a later a2-a4 and so on, but I am now sceptical about all this. d2 ( ! ) offers B lack a choice of pawns, but the key point is that the aggravation suffered by the Black queen if she opts for the c-pawn is that much more unpleasant.

Exf4 (After 1 6 . 0-0 White has a choice between the closed treatment with 1 7 f5 ! or exchanging with 1 7 fxe5 CDxe5 1 8 CDxe5 dxe5 1 9 'i'D b6 20 'ili'g3 ! f4 c5 4 f3 'ika5 + 5 c3 CDf6 6 d5!? xe5 CDxe5 20 CDxe5 dxe5 2 1 �h5 (The rather bizarre alternative 2 1 d6? xd8 24 CDd6+ <3;e7 25 CDf5+ �f8 26 CDd6 �e7 seems only good for a draw) 2 1 . 0-0 22 'iYxe5 a6 23 d6 ! f6 is not in White ' s favour positionally - again the dark squares are the issue) 23 . . f6 24 ':'xf6 ! axb5 (A pragmatic decision as 24 .

Game 6 McShane - Wojtaszek World Junior (ch), Goa 2002 1 d4 ClJf6 2 �g5 ClJe4 3 �f4 c5 4 f3 l'U a5+ 5 c3 ClJf6 6 d5 �b6 7 �c1 ! O f course this outrageous un-developing move rarely passes without comment. The respected player and annotator Igor Stohl describes it as "An unbelievable line. " However, he adds "Despite this the position is unclear, as the misplaced queen on b6 will also cost Black time". At the risk of repetition, it is the failure of the moves . . ClJf6-e4-f6 and . . l'Ub6 in tum to promote harmony in the Black position which lie at the heart of White ' s conception.

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