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By Jesus de la Villa

This is a brand new and better variation of an all-time vintage! the excellent news approximately endgames is that there are really few endings you'll want to be aware of by means of middle and that when you recognize those endings, that is it. Your wisdom by no means is going out of date!
The undesirable information is that, all of the related, the endgame means of so much avid gamers is poor. sleek time-controls make issues worse: there's easily no longer sufficient time to delve deep into the position.
Grandmaster Jesus de l. a. Villa debunks the parable that endgame thought is complicated and he teaches you to guide the sport right into a place you're accustomed to. This ebook comprises in basic terms these endgames that appear most often, are effortless to profit and comprise principles which are precious in additional tricky positions.
Your functionality will enhance dramatically simply because this publication brings you basic ideas, specific and energetic causes, many diagrams, transparent summaries of an important topics and dozens of tests.

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