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By Harald Kellhack, Rainer Schlenker

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The Chess Games of Adolph Anderssen: Master of Attack

Having accumulated video games of Anderssen, Steinitz, and Morphy round is usually great while the urge moves me to "go again to fundamentals. " by means of fundamentals, I in fact suggest wild open video games, like King's Gambits, Giouco Pianos, and so forth. This e-book of Anderssen's video games is really tremendous. The video games themselves are a treasure, yet both awesome is the creation of the publication itself.

Korchnoi's 400 Best Games

Korchnoi's four hundred most sensible video games [Jan 01, 1978] Korchnoi, Viktor

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Rxc5 30 Rxc5 Bxf6 Despite it being Halloween, I suppose 30 .. dxc5?? 31 Qxc5+ Rd6 32 Qxd6# was too much to ask for? 31 Qxf6 dxc5 32 Kh2 Kg8 33 Rb6! With the subtle threat of 34 Rxe6! fxe6 35 Qxg6+, and a draw by repetition. Re8 34 Qf3! Qxf3 35 exf3 The active White Rook saves the day for Kramnik. Rc8 36 Rxa6 c4 37 Rd6 c3 38 Rd1 Ra8 38 .. c2? 39 Rc1 and the White King shuffles along to d2 and wins the pawn. 39 Rc1 Rxa2 40 Rxc3 Rxf2+ 41 Kg1 It was this sort of position that Kramnik was aiming for when he rocked Kasparov to his foundations with 29 c5!

Html (2 of 5)17/07/05 10:09:47 Braingames World Chess Championships Miguel Illescas one of Kramnik's three seconds for this match There’s also been a large English influence in the line with Flear, Adams, Short, Chandler and Emms. Bc5) has its roots in England. The first known game was played in London in 1859 between Löwenthal and Morphy. However, it had been out of vogue for many years, and has been extensively analysed and redeveloped over the years, giving it its unique characteristics of the “New Archangel”, a close relation to the Dentist’s favourite: the Møller Variation!

Incredible, Kasparov only thought for one minute. Black is threatened with the famous Philidor Legacy checkmate - if it was White to move he plays 24 Nh6+ Kh8 25 Qg8+!! followed by Nf7 mate. Kasparov's move guards against Nf7, but loses trivially. h5 24 Ng5 +! (24 Ne5+? Kh8 25 Qf5!! intending Re6, xf6, and if necessary Qg6 and Re7 will eventually crash through for White. 24 Nd8+ Kh8 25 Qe7 1–0 The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of TWIC, Chess & Bridge Ltd or the London Chess Center.

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